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Three Things about Elsie

Three Things about Elsie

By Joanna Cannon

Three Things About Elsie was penned by a doctor specialising in psychiatry, and it is clear that she knows her subject. However, this is not a dry and boring book, far from it.

Main character Florence, in her eighties, is an endearing, down to earth, witty and acerbic character who secretly harbours a caring and loving heart.

Doomed to spend her remaining days in the Cherry Tree Home for the elderly, she rolls her eyes through her days as the other residents firmly enmeshed in their daily routines of sing-a-longs and soap operas happily comply to the expected behaviour patterns of their generation.

Elsie is Flo’s best friend and constant companion soon to be joined by newcomer, Jack. It is another new face, though, that turns Florence’s days from the humdrum to fearful as Ronnie Butler, who drowned sixty plus years ago shows up under the guise of being Gilbert Price a seemingly harmless and affable chap.

Why then is Florence’s world turned upside down when he arrives. Is she really losing her marbles or is something sinister taking hold?

Read the book! It’s truly a fabulous, funny, poignant, heartfelt story that is so well written.

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