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The Day We Met

I loved the novel, The Day We Met. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it provoked my thoughts and caused me to view things from a new perspective.

It is written in the first person, and each character portrays their own story and how they are affected by the circumstances surrounding the main character of the book.

I have always thought that Alzheimer's disease must be horrific and having had the first-hand experience in being close to more than one person afflicted with the illness, my views were not seen through rookie eyes.

Still, this novel managed to touch me deeply and open my eyes in ways that were unexpected.

I have read some reviews where the reader was profoundly disappointed in the book. I can only presume that they are perhaps of a higher intellect than I for I cannot see how anyone could fail to be moved by this story.

Claire, the main character, has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and shares her outlook on the disease as she battles her twisted life path.

Caitlin, Claire's twenty-year-old daughter is experiencing her own issues.

Greg is the younger husband and father of his and Claire’s three-year-old daughter, Esther. His lot is definitely more than he bargained for when he wooed Clare into marriage.

Lastly, there is Ruth, mother to Clare and an experienced Alzheimer's carer having already experienced the heartbreak of losing Claire's father to the disease.

I recommend The Day We Met to anyone who enjoys reading about the intricacies of family relationships, with the added twist in this story, of learning to adapt to the challenges that a neurological illness present.

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