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Ghostwritten by Isabel Wolff

Ghostwritten by Isabel Wolff.

Ghostwritten is a powerful and evocative book.

As the story unfolds the reader is plunged into an ever changing world where the old rules no longer apply and fear of the unknown becomes the norm.

Two people, two time periods, are interwoven throughout, with a common bond that unites them.

With characters that leap off the pages and straight into the heart, we share their journey and marvel at their strength, and their amazing resilience.

This is not a frivolous beach read but rather a book that transports the reader into the lives of the characters within the pages and resonates deeply. We are exposed to the depths of human suffering, where worlds’ are torn apart and depravity is a common bedfellow.

It is the strength and endurance of the human soul to overcome extreme adversity and suffering particularly in the name of love, that shines through and stays with the reader (me) long after the last page has been turned.

A thought provoking and memorable piece of fiction, bravo…

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