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 New Beginnings (formerly known as Clementine Court)

 Rich with characters who jump off the pages beckoning you to visit their     neighbourhood and stop for a chat or a bite to eat at Barnacle Bob’s Finest Fish and Chips, where if the timing is right you’ll meet the old parrot, Bonanza Bill as he serenades the clientele. 

     Jen, in her early thirties, is facing the collapse of her marriage. Determined to start fresh, she relocates to a quaint, English seaside town. When her husband Nigel, suddenly crashes back into Jen’s life, he brings some surprising secrets. Will Jen make the right choices to set her life straight, or will she be blinded by what she wants to see? 

     John, in his forties, is stuck in a rut. He’s a horoscope writer by day and psychic by night. Haunted by his troubled past, he hides from life, content to spend his days with his Tammy Wynette obsessed parrot. Change, however, is around the corner. Dare he rise to the challenge to embrace opportunity when it knocks at his door?

   Georgie is a cheeky seventeen-year-old, whose life on the surface appears to be one big bag of lollipops; but she’s a master at papering over the cracks, as her indomitable spirit carries her through her less than idyllic life.

     For over forty years, Betty & Max have created a home from home for guests to their well-loved B&B property. Now, it’s time to take it easy as they relocate, slipping seamlessly into their new life. Life, however, has a few surprises left up its sleeve…



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