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The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs

Do you love animals?

Do you love quirky humans and their idiosyncrasies, no?

Well then this book is likely not for you, but if like me, you enjoy reading about everyday people living their big lives in a small town, where everybody knows each others business, then I promise, this is the read for you.

With the introduction to each new character I likened them to those found in the the fabulous movie, Doc Hollywood, (1991), which by the way, if you have never seen, I urge you to watch!

Dr Cyrus Cobb, veterinary pathologist returns to his childhood home, and his late father’s failing veterinary practice with the aim to close shop and sell to the highest bidder. The path of life rarely is paved smoothly, and this runs true as Dr Cyrus learns just how deeply in debt the practice has sunk.

Dr Cyrus has six days to resolve the financial issues at Bedside Manor for Sick Animals before the bank forecloses on the property.

The reader accompanies Dr Cyrus through a daily journey of none paying clients with a hilarious cast of animal problems that range from consumption of fancy underwear to frisky females of the human kind and some heart-tugging ailments tossed into the mix.

I could picture the small fictional town of Eden Falls and as for the ageing receptionist, Doris, well, I’m sure we’ve all met and either enjoyed or been exasperated by our own “Doris” at some time in our lives! Gotta love her though as she knows her stuff when it comes to the residents of Eden Falls. Nothing gets past her, and as long as she’s on your team she’s invaluable, but watch your back if you fail to make her ‘nice’ list…

Sink into a comfy couch, put your feet up and have a giggle or wipe a tear as you devour this lovely little book and I bet by its end that just like me you’ll be looking for more reads from its author, Nick Trout.

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