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Three generations of women and a stunning revelation that will rock their lives.

As the past comes crashing into the present, two worlds collide to unveil a shocking discovery.

It is 1942 in war-torn Britain as Cupid’s arrow soared swiftly from the bow. Vincent, a Canadian pilot, and Vivi Davenport a Land Army girl, swap glances across a busy train station irrevocably changing their lives, before losing sight of each other.

Fast forward seventy years to 2013.

Love-shy Zoe Davenport, 27, projects a sparky personality to disguise her insecurities, as she garners gossip, at the local beauty salon where she attends to the blue rinse brigade and the trendy set who covet her skilled nail art. When love comes knocking will she welcome opportunity, or slam the door in its face?

Eccentric Mrs. D is a stalwart advocate for the four-legged clientele at the Veterinary Hospital, where she rules the roost. However, she is no stranger to love with the two-legged variety and carries a secret yearning for an unlikely recipient. Will love blossom, or is she destined to be the batty old animal champion who spends her remaining days in the company of her furry friends?

Nothing ruffles Effy Scott, a vibrant octogenarian. With forty years spent traveling the world as a flight attendant, she has experienced plenty and picked up two husbands along the way. She undertakes a surprising move and befriends Jake, a somewhat reclusive. With his friendship comes a shocking disclosure that rewrites a history long ago put to bed.

Love Everlasting is a sweeping love story with a rich tapestry of characters.

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