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What is Christmas?

What is Christmas? Saucer round child eyes, brimming with awe That gaze at the setting, the wonders galore A sparkling grotto, the big guy in red, Surrounded by helpers - perched on his sled.

What is Christmas?

Breath dancing in clouds, as friends meet and greet Wrapped gaily in warm clothes, with boots on their feet Abusive people fighting to park Intent on their mission, to shop until dark

What is Christmas? Parties and eggnog and way too much food, For one must partake, to decline would be rude. Laughter, bold sweaters, old songs repeat Loud alcohol voices sing off key to the beat.

What is Christmas? Folks gather in houses, together at last While a solitary man cries for he’s lost in the past With no children nor wife and no dog at his feet As others share good times, they’re feeling replete

What is Christmas? An angel some shepherds, a night filled with stars Three wise men with treasures – they’ve travelled afar A stable, some cattle, a bless –ed child His heart filled with goodness, so meek and mild

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