The Turning Point - book review

The Turning Point is a haunting love story that will linger with the reader long after they read the last page.

Two people meet by chance. Ordinarily, they would never have met.

She, Frankie Shaw, is an author of children’s books. A single mother, recently relocated from London, now living in Norfolk.

He, Scott Emerson is an award-winning composer of music for the movies. He calls British Columbia, Canada, his home.

One fateful weekend their paths cross in London.

Their instant attraction quickly plummets into love.

The reader is swept along on a tide of emotion from coastal Norfolk to the dazzling heights of the Rocky Mountains.

Their transatlantic romance defies the trials of separation, but sometimes fate throws curve balls that cannot be avoided. Grab your tissue box and a comfy couch and let Freya tell her story.

A read well worth your time.

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