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For One More Day

For one more day is no ordinary book. It is a thought provoking and moving portrayal of one man’s desire to win his father’s admiration at great personal expense.

Meet Charley Benetto, an alcoholic who has hit his rock bottom. His path can go in one of two directions. He could choose life and begin the battle towards sobriety, or he could just say to hell with it and end his life. Decision made, the road should be straightforward, but sometimes life does not bend in the direction one expects.

On his journey, he meets his deceased mother and gains the opportunity to learn a few home truths and put to bed a few of the personal demons that have scarred his life experience.

For one more day is a journey worth taking and one that may have the reader reflecting on their experiences as they smile, laugh, shed a tear for Charley Benetto.

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