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The Flower Arrangement

Ella Griffin has landscaped a beautiful story around a bouquet of different characters with Lara, a divorced florist, as its centrepiece.

She is the owner of Blossom and Grow, a Dublin flower shop with a regular clientele. Lara is disappointed in love, and her work has become her focal point. She has created a successful business.

A variety of characters are intertwined as their lives are affected in different ways with Lara and her delightful flower shop.

Ella Griffin writes in various time periods that are not clearly defined as we read, however, everything folds together nicely.

The message I received from this book is the reminder that no one person is an island, and one seemingly inconsequential action or turn of event is like the ripples on the pond of life. Small favours granted and actions can yield a greater impact than we may ever realise.

The Flower Arrangement is a lovely book which encompasses love, friendship, hope, loss, and a renewal of faith in the spirit of kindness.

It is well worth the time it may take to slot the pieces of the story together.

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