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The Missing Wife - book review

Not all scars are visible on the outside. Meet Imogen Naughton; fearless lion-heart turned lamb. Married to Vince, theirs is the perfect marriage, or is it? She is desperate to escape the chains of love that bind her and build a new life. Imogen travels through France on a journey to the place where she was once the happiest, the most secure. Can she throw off the shackles of a controlling relationship and many years of feeling somewhat displaced and not quite good enough? Vince is not accustomed to losing. Less than amused, he sets off on a cat and mouse game that has him trekking across France.

He is determined to find his wayward wife and bring her back home where she belongs. Clearly, she is not well and needs his protection. Meanwhile, Imogen, convinced that she is safe, tentatively begins to drop down her barriers and accept the tendered hands of friendship from the locals. Once again, Sheila O’Flanagan engages the reader with another hard to put down book. I recommend you join Imogen on her heartwarming journey of self-discovery.

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