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The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - book review

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry is possibly a book I would never have read, had it not been recommended to me by my sister. The cover is not particularly appealing (Yes I am shallow enough to judge covers when it comes to my reading material). Also, the premise could seem a little farfetched.

Harold Fry is sixty-five and not in the greatest physical shape, being more of a couch potato than an athlete. In addition, his attire is questionable; dressed in a shirt and tie and completely inappropriate yachting shoes, to made the trek of 627 miles (not Kms) from his hometown, across England and into Scotland, with no supplies, change of clothes, etc. After all, the silly man only went to the post box to post a letter to a terminally ill long ago female acquaintance.

Instead, of returning home, he just kept walking. He had the bright spark idea that he had the power to save her from death by completing his pilgrimage across the country to see her! A journey that he could only accomplish on foot, or it would not count.

Harold’s wife, Maureen, is confused. What can have possessed him to go charging off into the great unknown. They have a conforming and rather rigid marriage of convenience. At first, she is mildly irritated by his absence. After all, he was late home for dinner, and there was nobody to put out the rubbish bins. Slowly, though, irritation turns to alarm as she realises he must have dementia, for no one in their right mind would display his sort of behaviour.

Take the journey with Harold and experience an assortment of characters to make you laugh, cry and no doubt shake your heads as you question his and sometimes their sanity, all the while championing his cause. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry is an expedition I am glad I did not miss J

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