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The Marble Collector - book review

I have just completed reading The Marble Collector, by Cecelia Ahern. I have read all of her books.

What I love about her is that one never knows what to expect from her! She is not an author who writes consistently in a particular genre that follows a pattern, so in retrospect maybe her uniqueness is in NOT following a reliable pattern.

Anyhow, I digress. The Marble Collector was an enjoyable read, but I feel it does not carry mass market appeal in a way that some of her other books have done. There was much emphasis put on the different kind of marbles and marble games.

While I appreciate that this information may be considered an integral part of the book when it comes to relating just how meaningful marble playing is to some, particularly one of the two main characters, I found the info too much and skipped the technical details.

Now, this would seem to be shaping into a negative review of the book, and that should not be so. I enjoyed this book.

I embraced both of the two characters; father and daughter, whose life stories unfold from two separate and different perspectives.

There was enough emotional weaving of the characters to keep me engaged from start to finish, and I do recommend this book, even though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Written in true and inimitable Cecilia Ahern style, The Marble Collector is a thought provoking read.

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