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Between Sisters - book review

Meet Cassie and Coco, two sisters in their thirties, who were raised by their grandmother, Pearl, a wise and caring old bird.

Cassie juggles a full-time job, husband and two teenage girls, fighting valiantly to keep all the balls in the air, while struggling not to feel just the teeniest of resentment over the time her husband spends outside of the family home. Sometimes hers seems like a thankless job.

Coco is single and pours her energy into her vintage shop – The Twentieth Century Boutique.

Both sisters have abandonment issues, with wounds that simmer just below the surface.

Between Sisters is a richly woven tapestry of love, friendship and family ties.

Once again, Cathy Kelly engages the reader, drawing them into the lives of the characters. As the book reaches its conclusion, one feels almost bereft at the inevitable farewell to the friends made within the pages of the book.

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