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Songs of Love and War - book review

A fabulous book. My only complaint is also my greatest happiness –I did not realise until I finished this delicious book that it is part one of a three-part saga.

Set in Ireland between the years, 1910 – 1925. The reader meets the Anglo-Irish Deverill family. They are cosily ensconced in their Irish castle until the First World War crashes into their privileged lives, carelessly scattering the family. The men are off to fight and women flee Ireland to their privileged lives in London and the English countryside. That is all, except for Kitty Deverill, Irish to the bone, and her grandparents who steadfastly remain in the Castle Deverill.

As the men return from war, life regains a somewhat normalcy, however, for the Anglo-Irish in Ireland their existence is far from calm as the Sinn Fein uprising gathers its strength, reeking havoc and heartbreak.

Foremost, this sweeping drama is an epic love story. I cannot wait for the sequel!

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