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Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop of Dreams - Book Review

If you are searching for a lighthearted, rom/com author I highly recommend Jenny Colgan.

Welcome to Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop by Jenny Colgan

I was immediately drawn into this book. Set in the Derbyshire countryside, the reader is introduced to a host of quirky, but oh so endearing characters.

Rosie, early thirties, stuck in a dead end relationship with oh so drippy and selfish Gerard, a true mummy’s boy.

Lilian an irascible octogenarian desperate to ignore the perils of growing old, she clings ontpo all that she has always held dear.

Edison, six years going on eighty six.

Three possible new love interests for Rosie, that keep the reader guessing, will she, won’t you and if so, with whom?

For those old enough to remember the traditional sweetshop and the anticipation of spending their weekly pocket money, when so many choices presented themselves, this book will be a sweetly sentimental journey down memory lane. Not compulsory though. This book holds its own with a pace that keeps the reader involved and affectionately drawn to the characters within the pages.

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