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Book Review - A Perfect Heritage

The journey has come to an end and I have to say that I enjoyed every step of the way. I refer to my reading experience for I have just concluded the latest Blockbuster masterpiece by Penny Vincenzi entitled A Perfect heritage. A few months ago I read her latest offering entitled Love in the Afternoon and other Delights and it was delightful, however I admit I was rather taken aback when I picked it up from the library, for not only was it not 3 inches in thickness but it was not a novel but rather a collection of short stories, all thoroughly enjoyable mind you, but I cannot deny there was a part of just a tad disappointed.

Now though, I realize why she had published that particular collection at that particularly, for she was clearly busy penning A Perfect Heritage and not wanting to keep her literary worshippers in a metaphorical Vincenzi famine, she provided us with a little appetizer to tide us over until this wonderful main course was ready to be served.

A Perfect Heritage introduces us to the family business - the House of Farrell, a declining cosmetics brand that has been a household name for fifty years with Athina Farrell the aging matriarch firmly at the helm. With the advent of the 21st century and with the commercialization of the Internet as a way not only of communicating but also doing business, the company fails to take the necessary steps to revitalize itself and reinvent as needed, relying on history and tradition to carry them through.

When bankruptcy threatens, Athina Farrell is forced to accept the unthinkable and open the exclusive family doors for desperate measures must be taken. Enter Bianca Bailey, business woman extraordinaire, whose task it is to drag the House of Farrell, kicking and screaming and dragging its heels at every turn into a company that is not only profitable, but here to stay in the dog eat dog world of the cosmetics industry. Ms Bailey; a resourceful player, with a dazzling success rate will underestimate the formidable Athina Farrell on more than one occasion.

There can be only one winner though and that is the House of Farrell. You would think that both women would realize this wouldn't you?

If you think that this is a blockbuster novel that focuses on the rivalry, and backbiting as well as the coming together of a team of people determined to support each other in their determination to succeed in the competitive world of cosmetics, then you would be correct.


That is not all it is....

It is a novel rich with believable characters, facing the everyday trials and tribulations that the average Joe or Jill has to face and strive to overcome. First and foremost it is a modern day love story that just happens to span sixty years.

Don't read this book if it will take you six months to complete for you will lose the heart of read though, if like me, for the duration, it will become the leisure activity you will look forward to the most in the day.

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